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The Refresh Collection

Crafted to precise standards for breeds with double-coated and short-haired characteristics, this formulation incorporates plant-derived elements for a thorough cleansing experience while effectively managing dry skin and coat. It achieves this by infusing moisture and hydration, leveraging ingredients like Avocado Oil, renowned for its Oleic acid content. Oleic acid not only controls water loss in your dog’s coat but also nourishes and maintains the skin and coat’s health.

The Refresh collection boasts Avocado Oil, rich in antioxidants, and Vitamins A, D, and E, making it an ideal choice for rejuvenating sun-damaged and parched coats. Melanie Newman Salon Essentials’ Refresh range has been precisely crafted for double-coated and short-haired breeds. Its formula is specially designed to restore and enhance the condition of the coat, leaving your beloved pet looking and feeling revitalised.

  • Acts as a natural whitener
  • Naturally hydrates the skin and coat
  • Moisturises dry and brittle coats
  • Aids in the recovery of damaged coats